Loi Krathong

Loi Krathong festival is a Thai tradition which has been conducted for a long time ago. Loi Krathong has been held since the middle of the eleventh to the middle of the twelfth lunar month, which is a great flood season, especially on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month.

When the moon shines at night, it makes rivers clear. It is very beautiful scenery which is suitable for floating krathong. Floating krathong along the river was created by Nang Noppamas; the most favorite concubines Sukhothai king. She made krathong as lotus-shaped.

The king ofrnSukhothai floated it along the river. According to Sri Chula Lucks treatise, Phra Ruang (Sukhothai king) said From now on, on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month, kings of Siam have to make floating lantern- like lotus-shaped- to worship the foot-print of the Buddha on Nammathanati River for ever after. Nowadays, Loi Krathong festival is held in mostly Thai provinces.

​Particularly in Chiangmai, it has krathong parade, contestation of making krathongs, and Noppamas beauty pageants contest. The villagers in northern and north-eastern parts of Thailand often float lanterns.

They are made of color paper. If they float in the afternoon, they will use smoke for floating lanterns while they use torch to set smoke in lanterns to float them in wind chill at night. We can see the light from lantern in the sky with moonshine and stars glitter at night, which is very beautiful.

​Loi Krathongs history in Thailand

Loi Krathong in Thailand originated in Sukhothai period as Loy Phra Pra Teip or Loy Khom (floating lantern). It is a festival of Thai people. After that, Noppamas- the most favorite concubines Sukhothai king – created krathong, like lotus-shaped, for floating in the river. Instead of floating lantern, it used for worshipping thernfoot-print of Buddha at Nammathanati  River beach in Thakkhinabodh district, India. As we called Nehrabhuddha river.

Loi Krathong atrnthe present

Nowadays, Thai people still keep form suitably; on the full moon of the twelfth, people usually preparernnatural materials to make krathong. For example, they use banana trunk andrnlotus to make beautiful krathong then stick candle, incense stick, and flowers in krathong. They always ask for good luck in the future and forgiveness PrarnMae Khongkha. At the temples and tourist places, they held contestation of making krathong and Noppamas beauty pageants contest. There are many entertainment shows at night. Moreover, they set cautiously fireworks. The materials, used for making krathong, could be easily decomposed.
Reasons for Loi Krathong 

We can conclude the reasons for Loi Krathong in Thailand that:
1. To ask for forgiveness Pra Mae Khongkha because we use and drink water. Moreover, we often throw rubbishes and excrete wasted things in the water.
2. To worship thernfoot-print of the Buddha on Nammathanati River beach in India.
3. To fly away misfortune and bad things like floating sin- Bhrama ceremony.
4. To pay respect to Uppakhud whom mostly northern villagers show their gratitude for.